A Teacher That Will Fight For Education

David Garcia knows which issues Arizonans care about and nothing is more top-of-mind than the education of our students. While our schools continue to fall behind and our educators are being asked to do more with less, the state has continued to starve the education system of the resources it so desperately needs. It’s time to elect an educator to fix education.

Commitment to Service

David Garcia is an Army veteran who continued his career of service in the classroom and now, in public service. Garcia has earned the endorsement of the Arizona Education Association, Planned Parenthood, VoteVets, Democracy for America, and numerous labor organizations

Representing Us

David knows that people in our state are struggling to take care of their families and living paycheck to paycheck. He himself grew up, watching his parents work hard to provide for him and his siblings. David Garcia is a candidate for Governor who is a strong leader and will fight for these issues that are important to you. He would be the first Latino elected since 1974. Latinos and other people of color experience discrimination on all of these issues. We need more elected leaders who come from our community to represent us and fight for us.

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